Gun Mayhem 2 Unblocked

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If you are a fan of shooters then this very interesting unblocked Gun mayhem-2 game will be an ideal gift for you. Don’t lose a chance to improve your shooting tactics and try some new weapons.

You can enjoy three game modes. In the first mode - “Campaign”, there are 16 stages where you must defeat all your opponents. Missions will become harder after each level you win. So you will never get bored. Moreover, the opponents also will be stronger and their number will increase. In “Custom game”, players can choose maps, characters, number of players as what they want. Maximum 4 players can play in this mode, so you can play it with your friends. Ready to call your friends and know who is the best in shooters? In “Challenges” mode you have to shoot all targets as quick as possible and break the record.

Have fun with the game and good luck!

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