Five Nights at Freddy's Unblocked

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Are you an absolute fan of horror films? You can’t live without something scary? Do you want to face your fears and meet your nightmares? Then this version of unblocked Five nights at Freddy’s game is totally for you.

You will play as a security guard at the pizzeria. You will work at night, watching monitors in the office. Feeling bored? Good news that you will not be alone – big, animal robots will be with you. Sounds not scary enough? Maybe…if you don’t get scared of darkness, suspicious sounds and quiet steps right behind you…And that’s not all. Watch out big animatronics, don’t let them a chance to move and turn off the lights…Don’t think about looking at your phone or close your eyes. Not even for a second. Or the consequences will be very bad for you…Will you dare to work there for a single week? Then good luck for you and stay alive.

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