Raze 3 Unblocked

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Do you like shooters? Do you like zombies and aliens? Your dream is to protect a world like a superhero? Then a new unblocked game Raze 3 is just for you! Don’t lose a chance to show off your braveness and write down your name in the history!

The game provides 2 play modes. The first mode is called Quick match. In here you will join in a quick match with only one round. You have to reach the required level to win the game. In the Human campaign mode, you have to overcome 15 levels, which gradually become harder after each level.


  • Arrow keys or W, A, S, D for moves;
  • Space bar to jump;
  • Move your mouse and click: to adjust the aim of the gunshot and shoot.

Your goal is to defeat all the aliens and zombies on your way.

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